Lamia Smadja Dhib - Answering Baby's Needs


Mother of 3 grown-up children (21, 18, 13 years old), I was self-employed as development director for 10 years for various marketing agencies and Parisian packaging design agencies.

I trained at 2 institutes, the one of the ISMM Paris as Assistant To Infancy A.M.I (Montessori educator training from birth to 3 years) at the ISMM (Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori) in Nogent sur Marne, then in Bordeaux as Montessori Assistant for 3-6 years. 

After the training, I worked for 5 years at the Wi-School school located in the 9ème ème in Paris. I was in charge of a small group of 15 students aged 2.5 to 5.5 years old.

Since then, I have been using my know-how to offer you the opportunity to create "Montessori atmospheres" that meet the needs of children, for early childhood professionals. (Nurseries, micro-nurseries, MAM, Montessori schools)

I also work with private individuals to guide them in the design of their homes, especially babies' and children's rooms. I also offer group workshops for the manufacture of Montessori materials, private coffee-parent discussions...

I am also trained in NLP periods from 12 September to 26 October 2016.

Other training in Paris on how to put into practice assistance for people with Alzheimer's disease from June 12 to 16, 2017.

<In the light of my learning, I have several questions that concern me, questions that I did not ask myself at the time. 

Do I give my child a choice? 

Didn't I decide in his place what he would have been able to do alone?

Under the pretext of his safety, didn't I prevent him from doing things alone, like spreading, cutting, going down the stairs, etc.?

In the morning, fearing that I would be late for kindergarten, did I give her time to do things on her own, like dressing, taking care of herself, etc. ?

Under the pretext that he was only a child, did I not put objects in the kitchen out of his reach that we describe as dangerous, such as the knife or certain ingredients?

Did I not arrange his room without considering his psychological and physical needs, such as the choice of bed, wardrobe, mobile?

I will admit that unfortunately not, I didn't ask myself these questions at the time because I thought I was doing the right thing. And above all because I had no knowledge of the benefits of Maria Montessori's pedagogy. 

More than a pedagogy, it is a state of mind, a benevolent way of life. With the content of this blog, I offer you the paths that will lead your child on the path to autonomy and independence.

" The child has a power that we do not have, that of building man himself" (Montessori, l'Enfant, 2016)