Christian Maréchal’s conference on Montessori pedagogy and neuroscience (Geneva, 15/12/2018)

The AMS (Association Montessori Suisse – which brings together the actors of the Montessori community for the cantons of French-speaking and Italian-speaking Switzerland) proposed a conference on Saturday 15 December 2018, at the Maison des Associations, rue des Savoises 15, in Geneva.

This conference, led by Christian Maréchal, had as its theme: “The links between Montessori pedagogy and neuroscience: what if Maria Montessori had been right?”

It allowed us to present the functioning of the brain as neurosciences show us, in particular the role of mirror neurons and the processes of synaptic learning and erasure. It is striking to note that the empirical studies carried out by Maria Montessori more than a century ago are now supported in a fairly systematic way by the progress of research.

Christian Maréchal, an outstanding teacher, has the gift of making these aspects, which are sometimes a little difficult to understand, intelligible. And it made everyone want to know more!