Karen Pearce’s lecture: “Seeing is believing” – the art of observation – in Geneva, on June 1, 2019


The art of observing and really following what the child reveals. We will reflect on what it means to really trust the child to show us the way.

The session will continue with a reflection on the four steps that Montessori observes in children on the road to normalization. We will study the characteristics and indicators at each developmental stage to determine how best to support the child at each stage. The conference will be based on pure Montessori pedagogy but will also keep a very practical tone.

We will also see how to draw and analyze the different work curves. We will examine how educators can collect the necessary information for their observation:

  • What data?
  • How to rate them?
  • How to draw and analyze work curves?

We will continue this session by using a case study to develop the art of analyzing and proposing a customized development program focused on Pedagogy rather than age or curriculum.

A former school principal at the Maria Montessori Institute, Karen managed their children’s home from 1990 to 2008 under the mentorship of Hilla Patell. Pedagogical director of Montessori Place, she continues to advise Montessori educators, is a lecturer at the AMI courses and leads the MMI post-graduate course on the science of child observation.

Julien Lamorte

After 15 years of commitment into Montessori education and community in France and Switzerland, I have become a Montessori trainer for Administrators at Association Montessori Internationale. Still working at the middle school we founded in 2014 "College Maria Montessori des Aiglons" in Cruseilles, France, I try to contribute to a few projects serving more and better Montessori education all around the world. Montessori Action is one of these projects. I hope this platform will help many people to know more and many children to benefit from this wonder Maria Montessori brought to us as her legacy. In this blog I will share with you some of the experiences I have been lucky enough to take part in, as well as some of my personal thoughts about school leadership. As this would be considered from the Administrator's perspective, I have decided to call it "Director's cut". Hope you will enjoy!