Montessori : Choose your people! You will not get along with everybody!

Don’t get fooled by all the enthusiasm from my previous articles!

Going away for a course like this is not all rainbows and butterflies. Especially if you have to travel 5000 km and stay there for more than 3 months.

Yes, the Montessori Elementary Training is amazing!

Yes, you will discover things you didn’t even imagine!

Yes, your whole mentality will change and you will feel like a different person.

A Montessori training full of obstacles

But the road is full of bumps and obstacles and you have to learn how to face them.

You are responsible for your own choices and you can only rely on yourself for that matter. Even though some people will offer you their help, you can’t always count on that.

There will be moments when you will feel overwhelmed, when you will have trouble breathing and you will want to get on the first plane back home.

There will be moments when you will want to scream and shout and punch a hole into a wall! There will be days when you will feel like nothing works for you and there is no point in going on.

But those are the moments that make you stronger, that build you up and make you a better person. Those are the moments that test your patience.

Choose your people: you won’t get along with everybody!

Not all people will accept you and embrace you, just the way you are! And you will have to learn how to deal with that.

Some people will judge you on the simplest things, like the food you eat, the beer you want to have at the end of a long week of studying, the way you prefer to study (by yourself or in groups), your daily routines and even the way you dress.

You will no longer be amongst loved ones, surrounded by family and friends.

You will be surrounded by strangers.

And not all of them are interested in becoming your friends, or getting to know the real you.

Some of them will just put a tag on your face and that’s it!

Discovering different people and cultures

In the beginning you might feel offended by their reactions towards you. But after a while, you understand that we are different human beings, with different values, traditions and customs.

And you will learn how to accept the fact they are not accepting you!

You will focus only on the people who like you, who want to be around you and whom you get along with!

And it gets better. You build up strong and solid relationships. You confide in each other and sometimes share deepest and darkest thoughts with them, while stargazing on the roof of your house at midnight.

It is a tough journey but, in the end, when you count the amazing moments, the great relationships you built and the knowledge you acquired, it’s totally worth it!