Montessori Training : Happily Tired

Do you know that feeling when your eyes are hurting, you want to shut them but the things you read are so interesting that you wish you could keep them open with scotch tape? Yeah, exactly like in Tom&Jerry. That’s what I felt from the very beginning of the Montessori Elementary Course. 

Oui, exactement comme dans Tom&Jerry. C’est ce que j’ai ressenti dès le début de la formation Montessori.

A very intense Montessori training course

Our schedule was so busy that we barely got time to breathe properly but the things we were discovering were so amazing that neither of us dared to complain much.

We were like tiny robots, waking up in the morning, drinking gallons of coffee, getting dressed and reading or typing on our laptops until it was time to go to school. There, we attended the lectures, did practice and clean up the environment.

Then, we went back home, where we picked up where we left of in the morning, with the reading or typing. It was like a vicious circle, and our vice was the Montessori method! 

I remember one moment when I was writing at my desk, at our accommodation spot, and I felt a backache so I decided to stand up and move around the house for a bit. I went out of my room and I looked around at my colleagues.

They were all in the same position: sitting at the desk, with a hypnotized look on their faces, staring at the laptop’s screen, fingers moving at a constant speed and pressing on the keyboard, and from time to time you could hear them sigh.

I remember I started laughing so hard, that they stopped and looked at me like I was crazy. Mostly, I was laughing because I knew I was in the same spot few seconds behind, before I unplugged. 

And another thing I fondly recall is the way people fell asleep during class. It never happened to me, but after lunch time, if you would just turn around and take a look around the classroom, you would see at least 5 people with their eyes closed and their head falling on the side.

Some of them used to bring their laptops and type during lectures and you could hear them fall asleep, because that very second their laptop would fall from their lap. 

The first block was tiring but we were happily tired.

It’s a sort of feeling of overwhelming satisfaction that you are learning things that might help children change the future of our world.

You go to sleep at night asking yourself: “What was I thinking, coming all this way to take a course, being so far from my loved ones, my home, my routines?” but when you wake up in the morning, you are curious of what amazing new things you are about to discover and the feeling you had a night before just disappears.

You understand that it’s worth it, you smile and you say “All is well!”. 

It’s time for a new day, a new story which will lead you into becoming a Montessori guide; the best Montessori guide!