Solange Denervaud’s lecture: “Concentration in the service of interior construction” on Saturday 19 January 2019 at 2.30 pm

As usual, the Association Montessori de France proposed a conference following its General Assembly, presented by Solange Denervaud, doctoral student in affective neurosciences at the University of Geneva (Switzerland).

The theme of this intervention concerned one of the fundamental processes of Montessori pedagogy, that of the child’s concentration.

This conference highlighted the physical process of concentration of the child within his brain, and how this process of concentration allows the child to consolidate his learning and thus his inner construction. Once again, Maria Montessori’s empirical studies conducted more than a century ago are now proven by the latest scientific research.

Solange Denervaud and her team are expected to complete their work in the summer of 2019, which will provide an opportunity in the following months to publish numerous articles and present the final results. A subject that we’re certainly not done talking about.