About Montessori Action

Montessori Action is a collective website, which aims to bring together in one place the different resources that each and everyone could need to better know and understand Montessori pedagogy in its different dimensions.

We publish in-depth articles, written by experienced professionals, which are intended to serve as resources for all those who wish to better understand this pedagogy.

We also publish several blogs, whose authors have been chosen either because they offer a highly requested feedback (How does a Montessori training work in a concrete way? How to interact with babies? How to implement Montessori at home?…) or on the contrary an original perspective on the implementation of pedagogy (Montessori and children with disabilities).

These blogs are the free expression of their authors and do not engage the responsibility of the site. However, Montessori Action is not a “ghost” site, and behind each author there is a real person, often engaged in education for several years. A page is dedicated to each of them and allows you to discover them in detail.

This is also the philosophy of Montessori Action: to give to read and see original, practical and experiential content in order to facilitate the diffusion of this pedagogy and the fact that everyone can take it up in their own way, always with respect for the child.

We offer a newsletter service, to which anyone can subscribe easily: so you can follow the news of your favorite authors, and the publication of new resources on the site.

Education professionals, parents, project leaders, ordinary citizens involved in education, you are welcome to visit this site. Feel free to share it!