Parent-Researcher, with Odile Anot - Living Education with an Open Mind


Educator of young children, founder of the concept and of the Parent-Researcher Workshops ®, which she distributes in France, Odile Anot is also the author of the book "Montessori at the heart of family life" published by Dunod; she reveals there the strength of the Montessori proposal for today's parents.

Mother of three children who attended the Montessori school in Roubaix and president of a Nascita centre, she was editor-in-chief of L'enfant et la vie® until 2015, she is a trainer for maternal assistants and coordinates the "Samedis Montessori" in Marquette.

Thirty years of commitment and research for an education for freedom and peace at the heart of the family.

History and purpose of the blog "Parent-Researcher"

Maria Montessori's contribution to the educational sciences has entered my life step by step.

Through the Montessori school in Roubaix where my children went, but also by going to Jeannette Toulemonde, founder, with Jacques her husband, of a Nascita Centre in the north and the magazine "L'enfant et la vie". As early as 1969 they were the precursors of a Montessori proposal for families, alongside their friends Michel and Fanny Lanternier.

Founders of the Montessori school in Rennes, they were close to Maria Montessori and her son Mario. All of them have led me to take a different look at this first quarter century of man's life dedicated to his formation.

They led me to read Montessori, to revisit my knowledge and practice.

At the heart of my commitments I like to reveal precisely the modernity and topicality of the Montessori proposal for today's families.

This blog is a privileged opportunity where the experience of the Parent-Researcher Workshops®, a little of my life and fifty years of history of the Montessori movement will be the living material.

These regular meetings will, I hope, enlighten and entrench the choices you will make in education. With a common goal in mind: to help children become fulfilled adults who take responsibility for their own destiny.