Élisabeth Chastel - Montessori et les enfants en situation de handicap

Mother of 3 daughters, a loving grandmother, Elisabeth Chastel left France after her studies to practice as a nurse in Africa. There, in the north of Cameroon, she discovered that in order to provide better care, it was necessary to consider the human being as a whole, taking into account his culture, his family, his beliefs... She needed to consider medicine differently. On her return, she looked for an educational alternative for her own children, and discovered Montessori education. Since then, she got trained in 3-6 years and 6-12 years, set up a school, worked in others, participated in the creation of 2 Montessori training centers... A life dedicated to the cause of children, without ever giving up her enthusiasm or her thirst to learn. In particular, she discovered a few years ago that Montessori pedagogy could also effectively accompany children with special needs and disabilities. These are all the experiences she wants to share with us in her blog - her vlog rather, since Elisabeth prefers videos :)