Annual General Assembly of the Swiss Montessori Association (AMS)


The AMS (Association Montessori Suisse – which brings together the actors of the Montessori community for the cantons of French-speaking and Italian-speaking Switzerland) is organising its annual General Assembly on Wednesday 12 June 2019 from 17:00, at the Maison des Associations, 15 rue des Savoises, in Geneva.

This will be an opportunity to take stock of the events of the past year, but also to talk about the many projects. The AMS is in a special situation because in Switzerland, and unlike many countries, the name “Montessori” is protected.

But how can we evaluate that a school respects the criteria corresponding to a “true” Montessori pedagogy?

In addition, the Committee that manages the association on behalf of its members will be largely renewed this year: an opportunity to discover new faces and exchange ideas within the network.

Following the general assembly, a conference will be proposed by Jessica Scrimes, Montessori trainer in training for 0-3 year olds, on the theme of Montessori for the youngest.

A theme particularly requested by the community, for which Jessica will be able to share her experience!

Julien Lamorte

After 15 years of commitment into Montessori education and community in France and Switzerland, I have become a Montessori trainer for Administrators at Association Montessori Internationale. Still working at the middle school we founded in 2014 "College Maria Montessori des Aiglons" in Cruseilles, France, I try to contribute to a few projects serving more and better Montessori education all around the world. Montessori Action is one of these projects. I hope this platform will help many people to know more and many children to benefit from this wonder Maria Montessori brought to us as her legacy. In this blog I will share with you some of the experiences I have been lucky enough to take part in, as well as some of my personal thoughts about school leadership. As this would be considered from the Administrator's perspective, I have decided to call it "Director's cut". Hope you will enjoy!