Maria Montessori des Aiglons middle school – Graduation ceremony for 12-15 year olds – Wednesday 26 June 2019


On Wednesday, June 26, 2019, the graduation ceremony for the 12-15 year olds took place at Maria Montessori College in Les Aiglons. 9 students were given a certificate of completion, which testifies to their time at the school.

A small ceremony was organized by the director Sylvie Coffre, which allowed everyone to remember the progress made in 2 or 3 years, since the arrival in the 5th grade for most of them. Adolescence is really an age where the changes are dramatic in a few years!

While some have simply grown up and are recognizable in the oldest pictures, the majority have moved from being children to being young adults. And as a reflection of this physical transformation, intellectual and emotional evolution is equally marked.

This is the challenge of this Montessori College’s global educational project, which is unique in France thanks to its boarding school from Monday to Friday, which enables teenagers to truly learn to live together and to confront their peers. A good way to prepare for adult life!

Julien Lamorte

After 15 years of commitment into Montessori education and community in France and Switzerland, I have become a Montessori trainer for Administrators at Association Montessori Internationale. Still working at the middle school we founded in 2014 "College Maria Montessori des Aiglons" in Cruseilles, France, I try to contribute to a few projects serving more and better Montessori education all around the world. Montessori Action is one of these projects. I hope this platform will help many people to know more and many children to benefit from this wonder Maria Montessori brought to us as her legacy. In this blog I will share with you some of the experiences I have been lucky enough to take part in, as well as some of my personal thoughts about school leadership. As this would be considered from the Administrator's perspective, I have decided to call it "Director's cut". Hope you will enjoy!